• Multipay, the first inter-banking
    switching platform

    in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Several Banks, One Network

  • Make withdrawals and
    check account balances

    at over 400 Automatic Teller
    Machines (ATM).

  • Process your payments
    free of charge

    in more than a 1000 Point of sales (POS) locations.

Our Services

Cash Withdrawals and Balance Inquiries from over 400 Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

Purchasing operations without any transaction fee from over 1000 Point of Sales (POS)

"Cash Advance" transactions on POS terminals located in Bank member agencies

Our Network

As the first inter-banking switching platform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Multipay serves a population of more than 80 million people, covering over 60% of the ATM market. Present in 33 cities, the network accounts for 400 of the 700 ATM currently available in the nation and for more than 1000 POS.

About Us

At Multipay, we encourage DRC financial institutions to join our network for a win-win partnership, because we foster the profitability of future investments.

Officially launched in December 2015, with the collaboration of Banque Commercial du Congo, FBN Bank, ProCredit Bank and RawBank, Multipay is the first inter-banking platform that facilitates the interconnectivity of bank card transactions from participating Bank members.

As an inter-banking switching pioneer in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Multipay enables members and their end users, to perform day to day ATM financial transactions such as cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, as well as POS operations on all bank member's terminals in the network.

The economic initiative that lies beneath Multipay has been established first with 4 members for efficiency reasons, but has always kept an inclusive approach. Multipay's interoperability offers great advantages to members with a restricted electronic banking network to benefit from an extensive multi-channel network, and to members with a more developed and or growing network to make their past and future investments more profitable.

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Our Location

15 Boulevard du 30 Juin(immeuble BCDC) Gombe Kinshasa, Republique Democratique du Congo



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