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Launched in 2015, Multipay is the product of the collaboration between Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC), FBNBank, Equity Bank and RawBank, which are committed to implementing a local bank card interoperability solution. Multipay is therefore the first electronic payment switch in the DRC. Customers of a bank that is a member of the Multipay network can use their private and local bank cards on the terminals of other banks affiliated with the Multipay service. They thus benefit from a larger network and therefore greater proximity.

The network currently has more than 425 ATMs and more than 3,300 Electronic Payment Terminals, spread over 40 cities. In a market of around 700,000 nationwide, Multipay represents around 60% of the market and serves a population of over 80 million.

Having always had an inclusive approach, Multipay Congo SA encourages financial institutions in the DRC to join the network for a win-win partnership.

  • Olivier BUENO MELASA


    Olivier BUENO MELASA

    Managing Director

    The Chief Executive Officer is supported by a Board of Directors made up of 3 Directors, who are the delegated representatives of member banks. The role of the directors is to help the General Manager to establish and define the overall strategy of the company, and to provide support to the company.


Facilitate interoperability and shared payment services between financial institutions in order to promote financial inclusion in the Congolese market.


Become the leader in the sector of interbank services linked to electronic payment in the DRC, and bring to the heart of Africa innovative and modern solutions in financial technology aimed at revolutionizing the financial sector.